Saanen Breeding Stock

We offer a wide assortment of Saanen breeding stock, at our farm we have genetics from "Grasshill Farms", "Flying Bird Farm", and "Givernay Farm".  We breed year round and therefore our availability changes frequently.  Our farm is Johnes negative, CAE negative, and CL free.  We have blood testing completed annually by vet, and we raise our kids on a CAE prevention program. 

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For a full list of our registered purebred Saanen does please click here.  

Saanen Herdsire Information

Grasshill Tekno Blue VG86:

Tekno Blue has been an integral part of our breeding program from when we first purchased him from the ever so popular “Grasshill Farms”. After using him in a group pen for breeding around a dozen young does his first year on our farm we saw the kind of animals we wanted for the next generation including “Chatenno”, “Chanekko”, “Callekno”, “Made 2 Shine”, and “Mostly Modest” to name a few of his milking yearlings that have been unbelievable for us. Some of the best milking yearlings we have are sired by this impressive buck. He has been the number one reason for more milk on average amongst our does among any of our herdsires. We have no intention of selling him any time soon. Click Here for full pedigree.

Grasshill Whiplash Rocky VG84:

Unbelievable production out of Whiplash Rocky’s gene pool. As with a lot of Grasshill animals they produce a lot of milk and does sired by Whiplash Rocky are the same way.  Twins “Annip” and “Chamlash” are both exceptional milkers with the ideal teat placement and are shining examples of what this buck has already done on our farm. We will retain this buck on our farm still for some time and look forward to keeping many of his daughters that will no doubt milk over 2,500lbs per year. Click here for full pedigree

Givernay Vlaminick Original VG88:


Purchased from Adam Scanlon from Givernay Farm in winter of 2016 we were quite excited to get this buck and start using him with a few hand-picked does the first month on our farm. He will be going into a breeding group with approximately twelve 2016 doe kids in April for what hopes to be some great looking kids sired by him in fall of 2017.  This buck is scheduled to be a herdsire on our farm for at least the next couple of years. Click here for full pedigree