Pot of Gold Compost!

Pot of Gold Compost!

Bagged Manure

Bagged Manure

Ready to serve you, don't under estimate the little guy!

Ready to serve you, don't under estimate the little guy!

Excellent Composted Goat Manure

$ 6.00 per 20Kg bag, or 10 bags for $55. 

Truck Load Prices:

Minimum $30 for truck load/trailer

$50 for a full size long box

$40 for a full size short boc

$30 for small trucks

$30 for most small utility trailers

$50 and up for 2 axle large dump trucks etc/

  • Manure has been turned and composted for over a year

  • No cedar shavings, no chemicals, this manure will be great for your garden.

  • Truck Load--> please call ahead to arrange a pick-up time, we will load you up with the tractor

  • Bagged goat manure is available at the end of our driveway from April-June and Sept-Nov. There is no need to call ahead for bagged manure as we will try to ensure that we have at least a pallet ready for pick-up.

  • 10% of proceeds are donated back to the community.  Each season we pick a new non-profit organization. In the spring of 2019 proceeds will go to the Refugee Action Partners in Salmon Arm.

Please call ahead to arrange time for Truck Loads,  or if you need assistance

putting the bags in your trunk.