Herd Facts and Management


Quick Facts about the Herd and the Farm

* Genetics from Flying Bird, Grasshill, Trilyte, Wey South, Givernay, and Shallow Creek. 

* Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis(CAE) negative, Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL) free,  and Johnes negative.

* Goats are blood tested annually

* Kids raised on a CAE prevention program

* Vaccination protocol for the herd: Tasvax 8 at 1 month of age, with booster  6 weeks later

* Pregnant does are given Selenium and Vitamin A&D a month prior to kidding.

* Goats are milked twice a day, in a double 18 rapid exit parlor.  As part of herd health management the farm completes its own milk test with milk meters once a month.

* Herd average is over 3 Litres per day, highest milker “Shallow Creek Pizzaz” has peaked at 8.4L/day on several lactations

* All fluid milk is shipped to Happy Days Goat Dairy

* Breeding program, all 2nd lactation and older does are hand bred

*Herd data management program used on the farm is EASY Keeper

* Herd’s diet: free choice alfalfa/grass hay, an 18% alfalfa pellet is fed in the parlor with an automatic feeding system, minerals are fed free choice including: brewer’s yeast, cobalt salt, and sodium bicarbonate.

* Daily turn out for all does

* Kids are fed free choice acidified milk powder “Kid-O” from Star-Gro

* The majority of breeding stock is sold in Western Canada, but occasionally we ship goats to Eastern Canada