Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference


Wow who knew that I would be attending an agriculture conference, it has been many moons since I attending Olds College, and being surrounded by so many agricultural enthusiast!  The conference took place in the scene Niagara Falls which happens to be a pretty nice place! Barrie and I had been there 8 years ago, so I knew it is kinda like a mini Vegas.  

I was looking to attend this conference because I honestly needed to get a little more on board with our whole farming venture.  Needless to say, I have come home with so much enthusiasm and many great ideas.  I spoke to so many inspiring women doing amazing things in the agricultural sector.  There was a huge variety of speakers and attendees, ranging from producers, bankers, scientists, sales reps and some very fiery entrepreneurs!

Conference Highlights:

- Hearing from Jolene Brown, Jodi Roelands, Deborah Whale and Dr. Marla Shapiro.  These women have inspired me to dream bigger and to step out of my comfort zone to make it happen.

- Learning about some of the funding options available to young farmers. The farming industry is the only industry where you are considered young if you are under 50!

- Personally meeting some of the scientists who work for Monsanto and learning that they too are humans!  Sorry, I still can't support your GMO's and pesticides.

- Meeting Debbie Travis, prior to the conference I had no idea who she was!

The next conference for Advancing Women in Agriculture is March 2018 in Alberta.  I highly recommend it.


Picture of Debbie Travis & Me!

Reflections after our 3rd Year of being in business

August the 21st marked the anniversary of our 3rd year milking goats commercially.  Much has changed since the milk tank has been turned on that day.  I recently read a book called the "The New Farm" by Brent Preston and I was encouraged to reflect on where are farm is at and what progress we have made.  While it is easy to only talk about the things that are going well, I will be the first to admit that the last three years have been an incredible journey with much to celebrate but some days are hard.

So here I go with the things we are celebrating:

BABIES -> This past year we had a record number of kids, while having records when you have only been in business for three years is pretty easy.  Raising healthy kids a lot of hard work and dedication. 

MILK PRODUCTION -> Our goats are producing tons of milk! We are currently milking 170 goats and have a herd average of 3.60 Litres per day.  We are so pleased especially because it has been a super hot summer but the ladies just keep setting new records.

HERD QUALITY --> This year we had 61 of our goats classified, and we are so pleased with the results. We had four does and a buck that were classified as "excellent".  The herd consistency was also evident in the results.  Next year we will participate in milk test and in the spring of 2018 we hope to start doing some embryo work.

WORK LIFE BALANCE -> We have two incredible employees who allow us to have time for our young family.  Since we started the farm we have had two of our own kids needless to say we feel incredibly blessed and look forward the years to come for both our farm and our family.

Thank you to all who continue to support us and we look forward to the coming year.

A picture of our most "excellent" classified animal on the farm "Mattias"!






The "almost" flood of May

Our farm is located right beside the Salmon River, which has flooded various homes in the area. The river runs directly behind our barn.  Most of the time being so close to the river means that we have our own private swimming hole. However, this spring it became a raging river.  On May 6th we made the decision to move the majority of our young stock to a farm down the road from our current place.  There was a high risk of us either flooding due to the river, or having seppage causing some major issues.  Needles to say we had help from so many different people as we frantically made plans to move part of our herd.  Dairy farmers, friends, family and our staff helped us get the job done.  For 2 weeks the goats were at a different farm and we waited.  Waiting for a flood is not fun.  However, on May 20th we moved the goats home and we didn't flood!  It gave us a real appreciation for the importance of having an emergency plan in place before the emergency and the generosity of the farming community.  May is almost over, and I look forward to June as it means we will wrap up kidding season.... We have been kidding since January and I look forward to a bit more family time!  This summer we will be welcoming home two new bucks purchased from Pepperpot Acres in Ontario and Trilyte Farms located in Manitoba.

The Start of our Website

March 22, 2017 It has been talked about many times and now we officially have a website!  As many of you know being on a farm there are always so many things to do.... This afternoon Barrie is out spreading manure while I spend a few quite moments working on our website while our two (human) babies are taking a nap.  It is almost April and we are gearing up for kidding, at the moment we only have about 1-2 goats kidding per day but soon enough we will be bursting at the seems in the nursery and there will be endless hours of teaching babies how to drink from the milk coolers.  Spring is just around the corner and I hope that I will be able to post some pictures of our cute new babies soon. 

Mattias and his babies spring 2016

Mattias and his babies spring 2016