Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference


Wow who knew that I would be attending an agriculture conference, it has been many moons since I attending Olds College, and being surrounded by so many agricultural enthusiast!  The conference took place in the scene Niagara Falls which happens to be a pretty nice place! Barrie and I had been there 8 years ago, so I knew it is kinda like a mini Vegas.  

I was looking to attend this conference because I honestly needed to get a little more on board with our whole farming venture.  Needless to say, I have come home with so much enthusiasm and many great ideas.  I spoke to so many inspiring women doing amazing things in the agricultural sector.  There was a huge variety of speakers and attendees, ranging from producers, bankers, scientists, sales reps and some very fiery entrepreneurs!

Conference Highlights:

- Hearing from Jolene Brown, Jodi Roelands, Deborah Whale and Dr. Marla Shapiro.  These women have inspired me to dream bigger and to step out of my comfort zone to make it happen.

- Learning about some of the funding options available to young farmers. The farming industry is the only industry where you are considered young if you are under 50!

- Personally meeting some of the scientists who work for Monsanto and learning that they too are humans!  Sorry, I still can't support your GMO's and pesticides.

- Meeting Debbie Travis, prior to the conference I had no idea who she was!

The next conference for Advancing Women in Agriculture is March 2018 in Alberta.  I highly recommend it.


Picture of Debbie Travis & Me!