The "almost" flood of May

Our farm is located right beside the Salmon River, which has flooded various homes in the area. The river runs directly behind our barn.  Most of the time being so close to the river means that we have our own private swimming hole. However, this spring it became a raging river.  On May 6th we made the decision to move the majority of our young stock to a farm down the road from our current place.  There was a high risk of us either flooding due to the river, or having seppage causing some major issues.  Needles to say we had help from so many different people as we frantically made plans to move part of our herd.  Dairy farmers, friends, family and our staff helped us get the job done.  For 2 weeks the goats were at a different farm and we waited.  Waiting for a flood is not fun.  However, on May 20th we moved the goats home and we didn't flood!  It gave us a real appreciation for the importance of having an emergency plan in place before the emergency and the generosity of the farming community.  May is almost over, and I look forward to June as it means we will wrap up kidding season.... We have been kidding since January and I look forward to a bit more family time!  This summer we will be welcoming home two new bucks purchased from Pepperpot Acres in Ontario and Trilyte Farms located in Manitoba.