Thank you for your interest in our registered purebred breeding stock.  Please see price list below for our 2017 kids.  We also have a large variety of commercial animals within the herd that are currently not listed on our sales list but if you are interested please contact us.  Our farm is CAE negative and CL free. All prices are quoted for pre-ordered kids at one week of age.  If you would like us to raise the kid past one week of age, the cost is $3.00 a day, after the kid is weaned we charge $1.00 a day.  If you would like your kid registered with the Canadian Goat Society (CGS) there will be an additional $50 charge for registration and transfer of ownership.  

To reserve a kid(s) we will require a $100.00 (per kid) to hold the kid(s) of your choice. Please provide us with your first and second choice for kids. We reserve the right to retain any kids born as a herd replacement. In the event a suitable kid is not born we will happily refund your deposit or with your consent will pick another suitable kid. Deposits will not be refunded on cancelled orders. Please contact us and Barrie can help you find the animal you are looking for with either dairy or show stock in mind.