Alpine Breeding Stock

We offer a wide assortment of Alpine breeding stock, at our farm we have genetics from “Trilyte”, “Weavers”, "Shallow Creek", "Flying Bird Farm", and "Wey South" to name a few.  We have Alpine doe kids available throughout the year, please see our breeding stock sales list for specific genetics, price lists, and current availability.  We participate in classification and Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI) annually.  Our farm is Johnes negative, CAE negative, and CL free and we test annually.  We have a veterinarian come to our farm and do blood testing, and we raise our kids on a CAE prevention program. 

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Wey South Double Double VG87:

Wey South Double Double

Wey South Double Double

Not knowing much about the farm “Wey South” in Saskatchewan but hearing about Lindy Schira’s goats from a few reputable breeders made me inquire in 2016. It was evident Lindy has a strong breeding program in place and we decided to purchase “Double Double”. His sire “Windrush Farms Neo Colored Coy” classified GP84 as a yearling buck, however his dam “Wey South Yetti” classified EX92 speaking to Lindy’s herd genetics. “Double Double” is a young buck born March 24 2016, we have just started to see kids on the ground from this buck in March 2017 and we plan on retaining him as a herdsire for the next few years on the farm. Click here for pedigree

Trylite Zemo EX90:

Zemo came to us as the herdsire at the “Shallow Creek” farm in Saskatchewan from his 2nd home, originally from Susan Frazer's farm "Trylite". We purchased him in April of 2014 along with all of the Shallow Creek Alpine does. He has been a mainstay at our farm and has produced many beautiful kids with many currently milking. He is our oldest buck born May 11th of 2012. Still in his prime and with lots of breeding left for this buck; however, with many kids from him we will have to pass this buck on to another farm in 2017. If you are looking for an easy to handle buck with a good temperament.  For pedigree click here

Wey South Diablo VG86:

Just like “Double Double”, “Diablo also came to us from “Wey South”, he is very strong in general appearance and with many masculine looking bucks they come from very dairy feminine dams. “Diablos” dam is “Wey South Zarrah”, she was the top milking doe in Canada on 1 day test in 2016. “Zarrah” Classified VG87, “Diablos” sire “Iron-Rod STB Legacy” classified EX91. We are obviously pleased to have Diablo in our herd and look forward to his offspring coming late March of 2017. He will also be retained as a herdsire on the farm till a later date. Click here for pedigree

Breeding Stock:  

We often have a select group of young quality purebred bucks for sale as well, please contact us if you are interested. Click here for a full list of our current purebred registered Alpine's